coasteering on achill island


Coasteering is an amazing activity!

Max Participants: 20

Meeting Point: Keel Beach 

Available to: Public, School groups, Youth & Private groups

Coasteering takes you into a very alien environment. You are actually at the point at which the sea meets the cliffs – so one minute you can be traversing across barnacle covered ledges and the next find yourself having to dive in to the sea and cross water-filled zawns to continue your journey! It takes you into remote places that have no other means of access. En-route there will be sections to climb and scramble, together with swims around headlands into caves with the opportunity off jumping off a cliff jumping if you fancy it! It is a fantastic feeling being washed around by the waves and bobbing around in the ocean with the rest of your family!
Coasteering must be run by very experienced instructors, as you need excellent local knowledge and a real understanding of the ocean and weather conditions. Our staff will pick a route to give people a fantastic adventure whilst making sure everyone sticks within their limits.
This is the closest you will ever get to feeling at one with nature. On returning to civilisation even after a morning session it feels very strange as though you have been to another planet! You soon realise, you have just done something very special.

Coasteering locations

All are set amongst some of the most breath taking landscapes you will probably ever find around the Irish coastline. We coasteer in areas completely untouched by mankind. You will see masses of wildlife from seals to peregrine falcons.
Sensitive Areas
These areas need to be treated with the utmost respect. We work carefully to ensure we do not have any negative impact on the locations we use. We consider everything from bird nesting and seal colonies, to taking care not to damage the delicate flora and fauna below certain levels of tide. By taking this approach we ensure we do not abuse this awesome environment.

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