Learn to Surf

Your surfing moments will stay with you forever!

Max participants: 60
Meeting Point: Keel Beach Car Park
Available to: Public, School & Private groups
• You have to experience surfing if you’re in Achill on an activity break!
• Not just a sport it even has its own culture. By far the most popular activity at Achill Surf & G.O.E.C Ltd. Surfing is great fun but also a grounding experience for people as they gain respect for the sheer power of nature. Whether it’s getting the buzz from your first wave ever, the challenge of learning to bottom turn on a green wave or the sheer adrenaline of down the line surfing over an unforgiving Achill Cliff side wave, it’s a must.
• When you start surfing, you learn on gentle waves which break over sandy beaches on soft construction boards, which are easy to catch waves on and don’t’ hurt if they hit you! Once you’re standing up confidently you venture ‘out the back’ to the unbroken waves. This is where you really start surfing and the addiction begins. You wait patiently ‘out back’ for the next set of waves surrounded by the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean and then go for it. Skimming down the face and making it all the way to the beach is an unforgettable feeling. Then it’s time to try a hard board for more speed and manoeuvrability.


Surfing location Keel Bay Beach

A beautiful beach 5 minutes from the Centre with waves which are ideal for beginners and intermediates to learn and practise their new skills on. Facing head on to the Atlantic Ocean, Keel picks up the best of any swell running and can still have a wave when many beaches on the West Coast are flat. Keel delivers a great wave up to about 6 feet at any stage of the tide. Lifeguard patrolled June – September, Keel has the highest award for water quality. Often visited by dolphins! Facilities include showers, toilets and local amenities. You’ll find us located in the carpark opposite the campsite, just follow the signs!