Kicking of the 2016 season

2016 started off with a bang after a wild and windy winter it was no wonder the beginning of the season seems such a daunting task! None the less 50 brave souls from DCU surf n sail club braved the waters of Achill on an early Easter weekend to enjoy what turned out to be an excellent weekends surfing and activities for all. Helped out of course by our brand new selection of O’Neill winter wetsuits which kept the cold at bay for a number of hours before scurrying back to warm showers and cups of tea at base!
While the winter storms had battered the western coastline, thankfully the beach at Keel has remained undamaged, with the old reliable sand bars still throwing up nice wave on a pushing tide. Thus far in the season no new rip currents have emerged and thankfully the beach remains as safe as ever. Our school tour season is in full flight this year with little to no days free from here on in, first up some Gaisce challenges and this year we have the pleasure of welcoming some new international schools to the mix as well as our normal cohort. Here’s hoping for a fine spring to keeping things running smoothly.
Currently our 120 bed adventure centre build is coming along nicely with the roof, doors and windows all fitted over the winter months, thankfully there was little to no storm damage, our plumbers and electricians have currently started working on the first fix installations and with the weather having no effect on the indoor work we hope to see good progress in the coming months. Some installation challenges have emerged that have not been foreseen due to the design of the building however nothing that cannot be overcome. So far the quality of the work has been excellent and we’re already looking forward to the finished product. Fit out of the interior is now on the agenda along with landscaping and stone façade for the exterior.

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